Weekend deal for Arturo Fuente Lovers!

October 28, 2016

Arturo-Fuente-All-Lines-October-2016 (1)“We will never rush the hands of time.” Arturo Fuente

We rush all the time. But there are things worth slowing down to appreciate: a beautiful sunset, a good laugh, a long walk…and a cigar aged to perfection.

Time well-invested, can reap great rewards, and the Fuente family understood this principle. Arturo Fuente cigars are known for their no-shortcut, hand-rolled process, that results in one of the world’s most popular cigars. These cigars take time to make, and you should slow down and take time to enjoy them.

We know you love Arturo Fuente cigars…so we’re running this sale, just for you!

Our Weekend-Only Special 12% off Arturo Fuente Boxes! and 10% off 5-packs and singles!

* No promo-code needed
* While we want you to slow down and savor life…we also want you to ACT NOW before supplies run out! 🙂

The Fuente family understood you can’t rush the hands of time. This weekend, slow down, relax and savor these excellently crafted cigars.