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September 16, 2016



Hey there,

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When people used to ask me to describe San Cristobal cigars…I was always at a loss for words.

You see…

…this line was the most highly anticipated Ashton release of…well, actually…ever. So what words could really do it justice?

And then one day I realized how simple it really was to describe this exquisite line.

The San Cristobal is the beautiful “love-child” of the geniuses at Ashton and the legendary cigar makers of the Garcia family.

Handcrafted with precisely aged binder and filler tobaccos the San Cristobals stimulate an intense, full-bodied earth and cedar complexity.

Every time I smoke one of these classic cigars…I marvel at how the Garcias are always able to surpass industry trends and evolve.

And the one that makes my mouth literally “water”?

The San Cristobal “Elegancia”

(Just picture Homer Simpson when he thinks of a donut and that’s me with one of these delights!)

But for some reason…this cigar isn’t well-known by a lot of our Cigars Direct customers and I think that’s a shame…and it’s time to change that.

So I went to the folks at Ashton and told them to give me something awesome to give away…and they said NO.

—-And then I went back the next day and asked them again (with way more charm this time!)…and they said NO. Again.

******This kept happening for a few weeks until I finally wore them down 🙂

>>>>>So here’s what I got for you guys!>>>>>>

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