Padron Back in Stock Sale (Weekend Deal)

September 9, 2016

Capture1I’m Sorry…

Hey there,

For some reason it was really hard for us to keep Padron cigars in stock this summer…

…and every time I got an email from one of you guys asking me “When are you going to have more Padrons?!”

…I felt terrible.

BUT! I was finally able to get a NICE shipment and since I want to make it up to you…here’s what I’m going to do:

Save 10% on Padron boxes
(this weekend only!)

+ 10% off all Padron boxes
+ 5% off all Padron 5-packs
+ FREE shipping on all orders over $199

(No promo-code needed)

I’m not sure how long this shipment will last.

So if you want to stock up AND save…GO NOW!

Have a great weekend my friend!