COTW: Drew Estate Unico Serie Dirty Rat

April 12, 2016

CaptureYou Gotta be Ready For This One!

A few weeks ago I went to see a good buddy of mine in New York City to hang out for the weekend…

Five minutes into our conversation he suggested we catch up at a restaurant next to his place.

“It’s not really a restaurant anymore though,” he said, “they’re so packed every night they had to take the tables out.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Well they make crazy drinks and everyone comes for that,” he said, ‘they kept the menus though.”

Intrigued, I went with him.

And he wasn’t kidding!

The place was wall-to-wall packed like investors on the stock exchange floor. We made our way to the front lines of this ‘restaurant’ to place an order.

One drink caught my eye with this description: The Massamanhatten — The Manhattan You Can’t Handle!

“Bold move,” I thought, straightening my back. And when the Barvixen (sorry, there was just no other word!) came to take our orders I sealed the deal with this ‘Massamanhatten.”

Spoiler alert…I wasn’t ready.

I would later find out that the drink was crafted with the exotic blend of spices that flavor traditional massaman curry — and then steeped into a simple sweet-hot syrup. And boy was it stout and spicy…and totally delicious!

Which reminded me of my favorite “spicy” stick, another one you gotta be ready for! And that’s why…

…Juan’s Badass Cigar of the Week is the Liga Privada Unico Serie Dirty Rat!

This full bodied, Maduro expression is pressed and flat…boasting rounded, contoured edges and an easy, open draw. And here’s my favorite part (as the folks at Cigar Aficionado noted in their review):

“…[it’s] spicy, gingersnap zing underscores the cigar’s earthy and salty character.”

The Unico Series Dirty Rat has a unique spicy, peppery blend and is a whirlwind of an experience.

The first third of this cigar has a surprising, close to overwhelming pepper and spice combo taste that’s almost shocking if you’re not ready for it.

After that the flavors shift directly into a creamy cocktail of spicy cedar and chocolate. Some taste a hint of cinnamon towards the end. This stick truly lives up to it’s name as a ‘unique’ experience.

When Drew Estate released this first of the Unico line — Unico being Spanish for unique — they did so knowing that this cigar would only appeal to some serious cigar connoisseurs.

In one of their first press releases regarding they said that their prime inspiration while creating this line was for those cigar lovers whose “…first and foremost concern is enjoying an unparalleled smoking experience.”

Ready to try it out for yourself? Here’s your chance:

Save 10% on Drew Estate’s UNICO SERIES Dirty Rat!

As always with the Badass Cigar of the Week, I’d love for you to do one of two things:

1) Try it for yourself and let me know what you think.

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