A Merry Grouping: 5 Cigars To Leave Out for Santa

December 3, 2019

Old Saint Nick is on his way to your house. Too bad all his gifts seem to come out of your credit card! This year, skip the cookies and milk and leave Father Christmas the gift he really wants: a fine cigar.

You can tell the kids that Santa’s trying to lose weight and doesn’t want any cookies this year. Or you can just leave these smokes on top of the plate. Your call.

Ashton Classic

Just like Santa, this one’s a classic. It’s a reliable smoke for any time, and you can puff away happily while you search for the third roll of Scotch Tape.  

Arturo Fuente – Aged Selection

This is typically a special Christmas release, so we’re sure that this one should be enjoyed around this time of year. Get it while you can!  Just like your Christmas budget, it always runs out fast.

Padron Damaso

The Padron Damaso was named for the grandfather of the Padron family. They say he’s old and well-loved, just like Santa.

Drew Estate Tabak Especial Dulce

What else for a jolly fat man who loves sweet treats? This is a delicious offering from Drew Estate that won’t disappoint anyone who enjoys a bit of sweet with their cigar.  You’re not too old to pair it with hot cocoa, are you?

Drew Estate Pappy Van Winkle Tradition

Pappy Van Winkle just sounds like someone Santa would hang out with. One white-top to the next, this is a fine smoke.

And for Santa’s Helper (you!):  My Father Cigars La Opulencia Box Press

A ridiculously fine smoke. Pop open the box and you’ll know that the best Christmas gifts are the ones you get yourself.