Check out which Nicaraguan cigar is Chillen at the top! [Best of Nicaragua]

March 13, 2019

6a05a2bd-2a19-40e6-bf60-72c20b2992f5The #1 Nicaraguan cigar of 2018!

If you’re looking for a standout smoke…this is it!

A masterful blending of two of provenances in Nicaragua and Mexico.

My Father Cigars S.A. worked tirelessly to blend these two distinct flavors and nuances together into one beautiful and completely enjoyable smoke. 

We think they’ve more than succeeded! But you’ve gotta decide for yourself…

La Opulencia Toro
#1 Nicaraguan Cigar Pick for 2018!
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Crafted to perfection, My Father La Opulencia Toro is box pressed offering flavors of peppery spice and rich chocolate with each puff. You will also experience hints of sweet tobacco, cocoa, and leather. Plus the dark San Andres Mexican wrapper refines the overall blend offering a smooth smoking experience.

Hurry, and scoop up this deal while it lasts!

Happy smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc.