Arturo Fuente Don Carlos On Sale

March 24, 2016


Guess who Fuente’s Don Carlos line is named after?

Carlos Fuente, Sr….otherwise known as “The Don”.

THE DON recently turned 80…and rumor has it, this line was bleneded specifically to his taste. And when you’re the head of cigar “royalty”…you can bet that’s pretty damn good taste.

(Note: If you want to get in on this before they are gone, click here to go directly to the flash sale page and then you can always come back and read the rest ;).

To create this masterpiece, Fuente, Sr. blended rare, vintage tobaccos that he personally hand selected…and aged as much as 10 years! They have flawless African Cameroon wrappers…which make them taste great and look just as good.

Cigar Aficionado awarded the #4 Cigar of the Year to the Don Carlos Belicoso and described it this way:

“its wrapper-to-filler rations resulted in a perfect combination of the Cameroon cover leaf’s sweet-and-sour properties along with the Dominican binder and filler, which gave the cigar a zesty, nutty quality full of shaved almonds and candied orange peel”

Or as my partner Edwin succinctly summed it up when I asked him how he would describe it to someone who hasn’t ever smoked, one “Ummm, luxurious and delicious.

I feel really strongly that ever cigar lover should experience a Don Carlos…so I’m putting the entire line (all 7 sizes) on sale for the next 24 hours! Ready?

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Because of the select tobacco required…these cigars are released in very limited quantities so we don’t have too many.